A Spring Cleaning Guide to Use in Marylebone 18Apr 2014

Spring cleaning is a vital process which ensures our homes look the best they possibly can! If you love and respect your home environment in Marylebone, and want to make it a place to relax and recreate not just for you, but for every guest and visitor you entertain, then the least you can do is undertake this responsibility once a year!

Spring cleaning isn’t something you should undertake on a whim in the middle of the day. Rather than arbitrarily electing to start spring cleaning, a spring cleaning operation should be planned and prepared for. Being unrehearsed when it comes to spring cleaning is fine – after all, this guide will fill any gaps in your knowledge – but trying to improvise on the go will cause problems!

You should allocate a specific day to conduct your spring cleaning on – if the job is big, put aside a couple of days (minimum) – and assign this date well in advance (a week before it happens, at the least!). Depending on the scope of your cleaning job, why not formulate a plan and commit it to paper before you start. Compile a neat and clear cleaning checklist – this will allow you to keep a ‘living’ record of what you’ve done and what’s left to do! You won’t miss out an area or a vital bit of cleaning this way. When making this list, think about what results you would like to see from the spring cleaning. What do you want out of it? What should your house in Marylebone, NW1 look like when you’re done? Which areas need the most attention? Etc.

This raises another important point for the preliminary part of the cleaning process – long before you start, take stock of what cleaning supplies you do have. See what items you have, see what items you need, and see what products are running low. From here, draw up a list of what cleaning products and cleaning accessories you will need, and then pop to the shops. If you’re at a loss and don’t know what you’re going to need, who better to advise you in this regard than a domestic cleaning company? In a way, spring cleaning is what they do – and the best domestic cleaners serve hundreds of households every month!

You should start your spring cleaning by decluttering your home. There are many great guides to decluttering a house which can be found online, full of great tips for making your home in the W1 area clear of clutter – just have a look around. The bottom line, however, is to find tidy, neat homes for your possessions, throw away anything that’s clogging up your home, and wherever possible donate unwanted items to charity. Once the clutter has been removed, you are ready to clean!

However, it’s understandable if you don’t end up having the time to give your home in Marylebone the spring clean it deserves. In certain circumstances, you may find yourself having to spread the operation over several days, doing a bit here and there. If you find yourself having to potentially extend it over more than one week, then stop right there! Domestic cleaners are there for a reason – namely, to handle the cleaning responsibilities you can’t, or simply don’t fancy! Get in touch with some professional spring cleaners. They’ll have your home looking ship shape in no time – and the best cleaning companies in your area will surely be able to help you order and arrange your clutter too. If you feel you won’t be able to take on the responsibility of house cleaning, then get professionals cleaners in – it’s as simple as that!

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