A Student Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning in Crystal Palace 05Sep 2013

When it comes to the end of your tenancy in Crystal Palace, planning your big moving-out clean can fall by the wayside with the stress of packing your home and planning your house move. As a student, it’s important you put in the time and effort when it comes to returning the property to the state it was in before you moved in – your deposit depends on it! If you’re not sure where to begin with your end of tenancy clean then have a look at this student guide to get you started.

-    Speak to your landlord.

The first thing to do for your end of tenancy cleaning is speak to your landlord. Your landlord might be renovating the property or thinking about replacing the appliances if you’ve lived in a furnished home in Crystal Palace, SE19. If this is the case it might be a waste of time for you to spend hours scrubbing out your oven or shampooing your carpets. Speak to your landlord to see what levels of cleanliness they expect, so you don’t end up wasting time and effort.

-    Stock up.

Don’t begin your end of tenancy clean without taking stock of what you have and what you’re going to need. As a student, you probably don’t have a cleaning arsenal at your disposal, so it’s best to make sure you at least have everything you’re going to need. For a low-budget clean you’re going to need floor cleanser, washing up liquid, bin bags, an antibacterial spray, a disinfectant, sponges, clean cloths and bleach. You might also want to think about the more eco-friendly alternatives that you can clean with – a lemon can sanitise your kitchen and bathroom and is much cheaper than your supermarket chemical cleaners!

-    Delegate.

If you live in a student property then chances are that you don’t live by yourself. Before you begin your end of tenancy clean sit down with your housemates and come up with a plan for the big clean. Assign different people different rooms, or decide when you’re all available to work together. You might also want to think about all contributing to a cleaning fund, so that nobody is spending more money than anyone else on necessary cleaning supplies.

-    Don’t forget the little jobs.

Landlords can be quick to take money off your deposit, so try to make sure you’re cleaning all the places you might not think of. Your oven and microwave should be spotless, your bins should all be empty and your drains should be unblocked. Some landlords in Crystal Palace can be very picky when it comes to the state you leave the property in, so try to make sure you’re doing everything you can to ensure you’re going to get your deposit back in full.

-    Don’t leave everything until the last minute.

Although packing might be taking up most of your time, it’s important to make sure you’re not leaving the cleaning process until the last minute. Try cleaning as you pack so you can get both big jobs done in half the time.

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