Benefits of Doing the Cleaning in St John's Wood Yourself 02Jun 2014

Sometimes doing the domestic cleaning yourself, rather than opting to have a cleaning agency in St John's Wood do it, can be the decision that you have consciously made. Rather than what you have to do because of your financial circumstances. In fact, it is absolutely reasonable to want do your own house clean when you understand the reasons I have outlined below which indicate why cleaning your house yourself if better than having it cleaned by professional cleaners.

Money: It’s the obvious one but that doesn’t mean that it is any less powerful as a reason. Doing your own cleaning in St John's Wood, NW8 saves you a lot of money. You don’t have to pay yourself for labour so you only end up paying for the cleaning products that you use and you can get a lot more use out of one bottle of multipurpose spray than you would get out of a multipurpose cleaner because paying for them for one hour could get you many many bottles of spray and last you many many hours of DIY cleaning.

Familiarity: This is particularly useful when it comes to dusting. You know where everything in your house belongs and where it should all be replaced after it has been lifted up to be dusted underneath. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for you to be doing the cleaning as you are saving the time that would be spent clearing up after your cleaning team and replacing everything where it belongs. It also saves you the frustration of feeling that your professional cleaner of choice isn’t doing it ‘right’. This is, of course, not to say that your professional cleaner is doing the cleaning wrong but rather it is an indication that your cleaner is cleaning in a way that is different to the way that you would do it yourself and by pushing you slightly out of your comfort zone, you might find that you would rather just have it exactly the way you like it and do it yourself.

Pride: There is a certain sense of achievement that comes from having cleaned your own house in the NW8 region yourself and that feeling is greatly increased by the sense that you can show off your sparkly house to guests whilst boasting, completely honestly, that you did it all yourself. Because you did.

Keep Fit: It’s not the standard workout and neither would you necessarily see it on the shelves of your local record store under workout DVDs but actually a really thorough spring clean can make you feel like quite the spring chicken. There’s a lot of stretching involved to reach those tricky corners and nipping up and down those stairs getting cleaning products and completing your hovering is a great way to get your cardio on.

Efficiency: If you are cleaning your home in St John's Wood yourself then you just clean when time allows and for as long as you feel you can in that moment. You don’t have to wait until the moment that your cleaner is available and just let dust and dirt build up until then because it is not your responsibility to handle the cleaning when you have a cleaner available to handle it for you.

When you are responsible for everything then you can just clean up when it’s dirty and surely that’s the way it should be?

Therefore, whilst it might be easier and more convenient to hire professionals to handle your cleaning for you there are a number of reasons for doing it yourself and the reasons above are just a few of them. Ultimately the choice is yours and if you can motivate yourself to clean then clean until your heart’s content.

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