Cleaning Rugs in Knightsbridge The Easy Way 03Feb 2014

There is nothing worse than walking into a house in Knightsbridge and stepping onto a dirty looking rug, it’s unwelcoming and off putting but since rugs feel the brunt of daily activity, it’s very hard to avoid this situation! Rugs are perfect for protecting the flooring which lies beneath it; they are also great for capturing any dirt that may be on the bottom of your shoes, before you walk into a house so they have their uses. Many people will change their rugs fairly often because they do start to look unsightly over time, but this does not solve the issue! New rugs end up looking exactly how the old ones did, before you know it!

What you could do (and it will certainly help towards saving the pennies) is learn how to clean your rugs effectively and have them looking spick and span again. This will save the need to regular replacing them and it will help to improve the appearance of your home.

Should I clean my rugs myself or get a cleaning agency to do it?
This depends! Are you talking about a couple of rugs that need a little TLC or large rugs around your home in Knightsbridge, SW7 and maybe even a few extras things too?

If it’s a just a regular doormat and lounge centre piece rug then you may be able to achieve some impressive results yourself. Firstly, ensure that you have the right detergent for the job! This could be a simple foam solution brought from most DIY stores or supermarkets or you may wish to try something a little stronger, brought from a specialist, especially if the stains are fairly stubborn because they have been there for some time.

How to DIY clean a rug!
Start by hovering or sweeping the area, to remove any excess debris. Once the area is clear, spray on a foam solution that is designed to clean and lift stains and dirt from carpets and allow it to sink into the texture. For long pile rugs you may need to allow it to soak in for longer, for any regular doormat 20 minutes should be long enough.

Once the soap has soaked into the stained area it should get right underneath it. You may notice the dirt lifting by the colour of the foam, sometimes it turns from white to a cloudy sand shade. To help it along you should use a soft bristle brush or scouring pad and work in small sections at a time. Gently scrub the area in circular motions. This technique helps to shift particular stubborn stains but try not to move the excess stained solution onto any cleaner areas of the rug; otherwise you end up moving the dirt around! Instead rinse your scouring pad or brush before you move onto a new section and at least that way you start with a nice clean brush again.

Once you are done, blot away most of the excess solution  with a paper towel and have a look at the appearance of the rug, if you feel it needs more attention you could repeat the process again. If you are satisfied with the way it looks do a simple rinse with warm water and allow it to dry.

Cleaning companies!
Upholstery and carpet cleaners that cover Knightsbridge and the SW1 area will do an impressive job purely because they have the right tools to do it. If you don’t have time to DIY hiring professional carpet cleaners who are not that expensive is ideal and whilst they are there, you may wish to get other things cleaned too, such as carpets and even sofas. Most cleaning companies will leave the room looking as good as new and you will certainly be aware of the fresh smell that is evident afterwards.

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