Cleaning Tips for Rented Accommodation 27 November 2014

Landlords generally require a deposit up front before letting a property; this is usually accompanied by a tenancy agreement which states all obligations for both landlord and tenant. The tenancy agreement usually states that a tenant must look after a property cosmetically and take care of general home improvements such as decor and cleanliness and tenants are usually obliged to hand back the property in a reasonable standard of cleanliness in order to get a return on their initial deposit. Therefore maintaining a clean rented property is absolutely vital for tenants and if the property is kept in reasonable condition throughout the rental period, it means that there will be less work for the tenant to do when the tenancy contract ends and the property is handed back to the landlord.

 TIP/ It’s well worth taking a good look at the tenancy agreement so that you can absolutely sure of the requirements and also make sure that you check the property thoroughly and tell the landlord about any repairs that have not been done because you do not want to have to pay for nay repair that was never your fault!
 Tenant responsibilities!


Most tenants are responsible for the upkeep of their properties but not repairs unless the repair is minor or was caused due to yourself or someone living in your household. If the repairs are down to general wear and tear the landlord should foot the bill as this is not a fault of the tenant.


All tenants are responsible for day to day jobs such as cleaning around the home, emptying the bins and maintaining a hygienically friendly environment. If a property is let fully furnished it usually is the responsibility of the tenants to keep those items of furniture in good condition and clean, things such as upholstery and carpet cleaning is a must unless those items are beyond repair and the landlord needs to replace them.

End of tenancy cleaning

At the end of a tenancy the tenant should ensure that the property is cleaned throughout so if a deep clean has not been done for a while, now’s the time to do it!
Starting one room at a time make sure that everything is cleaned really well, stock up on a range of cleaning products and give the whole room a deep clean.
If carpets and upholstery are particularly dirty you may need to hire some professional help to get the spruced up. Professionals will usually offer those items a steam clean which uses little moisture and this is ideal for anyone who is looking for fast and effective results.

Hire help!

If you do not have time to do a thorough job of the cleaning because you have too much on your plate (and this often the case for people moving out of a home) there are other options available for you to use and you should seriously consider using them.

For instance you could hire a cleaning company to come and give the property a deep clean at the end of the tenancy, cleaning agents are familiar with this type of clean because they do it often, they are also aware of the requirements and the standard of cleanliness desired in order for a tenant to get their deposit back, so it’s well worth a shot!

Tip/ ask around for to find out which cleaning companies are recommended or search online to see what is available within your local area. You may wish for them to come and clean once all of your possessions are moved out of the property so that they can do a more thorough job!

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