Cleaning Your Kitchen Like A Pro 07Sep 2015

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While we all like to keep every part of our homes clean and presentable, cleaning your kitchen is where it’s most important to be through. This may be where every member of your household eats, and during the preparation of different meals, there’s always some slight chance of contamination from bacteria. While you can never really eliminate this risk, there are several techniques you can employ when cleaning your kitchen which will lower it significantly.

cleaning surfaces

Before you jump into your kitchen cleaning, remember to start with the sink. You’d be shocked at the concentration of dirt which can cling to the basin of a sink, and getting it to shine can have a positive and surprisingly potent psychological effect. The sight of a kitchen sink after a meticulous cleaning session can be a weirdly spurring sight; setting a literally gleaming example you can look to when you get to the rest of your kitchen. You won’t believe how effective this first step will be for pushing you to load up the dishwasher early and keep surfaces such as counters and oven tops spotless.

kitchen cleaning

If you have stone counters, you know how frustrating it can be to work at stains which simply don’t want to come off. Before blowing your money on the latest cleaning product, you might want to try this little known but highly effective technique. A little hydrogen peroxide in water, along with some ammonia, will make easy work of stains you’ve been looking at for years. Your work doesn’t stop there, I’m afraid. If your stone tops have any scratches you can get rid of these by buffing them with dry steel wool. This is available in a wide range of grades, but the best for this job is the ultra-fine 0000 variation. Another timeless technique is using baking soda on your tiles. Mixing it with water will create a cleaner which is hugely effective and affordable, and can be applied easily with a sponge or mop.

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These days, cast iron cookware is always being improved to make it more stain-resistant and convenient to use. Until we find a material which is 100% stain proof, there’s a simple trick to get any grime off of the inside of pans. First, drop two tablespoons of oil into the pan and put the heat on at a medium setting. Once it’s had time to heat up, add three tablespoons of salt. Next find your pair of tongs and, use them to grip a good wad of screwed-up kitchen towel, scouring wherever the stain is clinging. To cure it, rinse and coat the whole surface with vegetable oil.

dishwasher cleaning

Here’s a pointer for getting any marks off of the walls of your kitchen. On painted walls, there are two kinds of stains; oilborne and waterborne. For most waterborne stains; drinks, sauces and crushed bugs, a simple wet cloth will do the job. With oil-based stains like cooking grease, on the other hand, it’s good to mix in some reliable dishwashing liquid. Oily stains are notoriously hard to get rid of, but be persistent and soon enough it will come off the wall.

kitchen floor cleaning

Cleaning the floor of your kitchen should be left until last, as a sparkling, spotless floor is a great big compliment to the rest of your hard work. Spend a while dusting or vacuuming the whole surface, then go over it again with a mop and a bucket of diluted cleaning solution. There are many different products for this out on the market, and a simple search for reviews should point you towards a good brand quickly.   

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