Economically Efficient Cleaning in Fulham Just Takes a Little Bit of Thought 09Nov 2013

If you take a step back and think about it, there are many ways in which cleaning is really rather expensive in Fulham. You always end up using a lot more than you’d like on a clean, and therefore the products that you see are always having to be replaced every other week or so, and the sponges and cloths that can be bought so cheaply in supermarkets are thrown out every couple of days, which means that they start to become a pretty expensive habit! The fact of the matter is, cleaning is an essential part of life, and the dirt in your home can contain harmful bacteria and allergens, then can make your family unwell. So, if cleaning less is not an option, how to make the clean that little bit more economically responsible? It all comes down to thinking about the things that you use to clean. How sustainable are they as products, and how could you increase their life span and avoid buying more expensive items week in week out? Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, so it is good to be able to have some pointers as to certain ideas that could increase your economic efficiency when it comes to domestic cleaning.

Knowing that you use your cleaning tools every couple of days, how well geared up to the job are they? Almost everyone has had a cracked dust pan with the wrong brush that never really gets all of the dust up, at some point in their lives, the same with the bulky, heavy vacuum cleaner that is hard to get in to corners. Buying new ‘tools’ that are made out of more sustainable and useful materials can completely change your clean in Fulham, SW6, and make the things that you use last a lot longer. Buying in to sustainable materials like wood and metal will mean that your cleaning items are a lot more responsibly made as well as being more hard wearing, as the production of these materials will be less harmful to the environment than the production of plastics. In a sense it is like going back to the things that people used form centuries back, where wood and metal were the only things available. It worked for them, and it will work for you!

Buying chemical based cleaners every couple of weeks means that you are just paying over and over again for a product that is designed to not last that long. You will find that supermarket own brand cleaners can often work just as well, without the price tag. If you like the brands that you use however, you could look in to buying in bulk, which will mean that you make savings overall. Find a trade supermarket, like a cash and carry to buy these sorts of bulk items, and you will no doubt find that the overall savings are pretty significant.

There are alternative cleaning methods, like the old wife’s ones using lemon, vinegar and baking soda. These combinations will no doubt cost you a lot less whilst doing the same amount of cleaning work in your home in Fulham, so will be well worth checking out if you think that they will cut your costs down. Essentially, looking at the long game is the key to saving money. Being short sighted about your buying habits means that you will not be concerned about dropping a few pounds on a new bottle of bleach, but if you could spend 99 pence on an own brand vinegar that would do the same trick, then your long term savings would be pretty significant.

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