End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Use in Finsbury Park 09May 2014

In this handy step by step guide, we will give you some very useful end of tenancy cleaning tips – tips which will ensure you get your deposit returned to you in full by your landlord in Finsbury Park, and land yourself a peerless tenant reference in the process! This will not only ensure you save valuable money, but will be able to rent again elsewhere. In an environment where competition for rental homes and places of residence is high, positive testimonials and plaudits from people you previously rented from are worth their weight in gold!

Naturally, your first step should be to try to keep your rented accommodation in tip top condition throughout your tenancy in Finsbury Park, N4. Making sure you tidy things up every day, and regular cleaning blitzes, will keep your rented property in great shape. However, irrespective of how meticulously you keep things in your home, it’s important to remember that many landlords can have stringent regulations when it comes to cleanliness, and definitions of ‘reasonable wear and tear’ vary massively! It’s very wise to subject the property to a thorough clean before you go – and when we say thorough, we mean it. Conversely, don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s OK to leave things in a mess until you’re about to leave!

There are many tips we can offer you. If, however, there are significant areas of damage and/or dirtiness in your rental property, you may want to consider investigating cleaning companies which offer end of tenancy cleaning services. A top tip for finding the best cleaning company for move out cleaning services is to find the ones that focus in domestic cleaning. These firms will have experience working in every type of homestead and residence, and will apply their expertise to your particular residential scenario! Alternatively, if there are blemishes or tarnish which effect specific areas, you might want to look out for cleaners that specialise in that area – for instance, professional carpet cleaners for major carpet damage and stains, etcetera. Carpeting is often the area of a flat or rented home which takes the most punishment, so to speak – from stains to grime to wearing – so it’s best to hire a professional operating in the N7 area if your carpet is looking particularly sorry for itself! Ultimately, though, it remains at your discretion whether you contract a move out clean provider or not – but it’s best to establish as early as possible whether you’ll need professional help, and in what regards!

Now, onto what you can do yourself. Start your job by focusing on the kitchen. Kitchen furniture and appliances can accumulate dirt quickly and easily, so they deserve your full attention. If possible, work towards the goal of making your kitchen look like something out of a catalogue – and remember, cleanliness is as important as hygiene! Don’t merely wipe down surfaces, disinfect them with cleaning products. If you’re not sure what products might be best to achieve your cleaning goals in the cooking area, the best kitchen cleaning companies should be able to offer you advice.

The tops of cupboards and high areas are magnets for unseen dust – don’t forget to give them a thorough wipe (this is something you should do last). Similarly, people often forget to hoover the stairs – make sure you do this before you leave the property in Finsbury Park. Windows should also be a particular area of focus – both internally and externally, they are your responsibility! Make sure, however, you don’t put yourself at risk by cleaning external windows which you cannot reach safely, and make a note of this to your landlord before you move out.

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