Getting Those Floors In Battersea Clean In A Safe But Efficient Way 04Mar 2014

Given that they suffer the most in your house, it is essential that you are sensible with the way in which you clean the floors. The floor throughout your home in Battersea will be responsible for most of the dust and dirt in your home, and whilst it may not be particularly obvious, it is essential that you get rid of it all on a regular basis, to prevent the air carrying the dust around. There are many different floor coverings, so have a look at the ones that apply in your home, to see which works best for your needs.

Carpets are widely used across the world as a floor covering that can be used in any room in the house. Given that they are essentially a tangle of fibers, it is unsurprising that they trap a lot of dust and dirt. You will need to clean carpets in your home in Battersea, SW11 regularly with a vacuum, but also ensure that you get them properly cleaned every now and again, as otherwise the dirt that is not taken up by the hoover will settle in there for good! Home shampoo is a great way to give the carpet a light clean, but for a longer lasting and more efficient clean, you need to look at steam or dry cleaning. These are both expensive as they need a professional to carry them out with specialist machinery. However, the level of clean that you get with such methods will sometimes even change the color of the pile back to what it was previously, even if you hadn’t realized that it had changed in the first place!

Harder floor surfaces will need mopping, and it simply depends on which surface it is as to how you do so, and what products you need. Tiles and linoleum flooring will simply need a bit of floor cleaner in with some hot water, which can then be applied fairly liberally with the mop. Be sure to replace the water a couple of times if the floor is particularly dirty, as otherwise you will end up just spreading the dirt about rather than cleaning anything! Wring out the mop well each time, as otherwise you will end up with standing water, that can lead to slippage, or even stain the floor in your home in the SW11 district!

With less common surfaces, like hardwood, stone or even polished concrete, you need to be a little more careful. The process is a similar one, but it simply requires a little more finesse and consideration. The main problems that you will face when dealing with these materials will be anything from scratching, to over dampening or chemical issues. In order to combat these, use a microfiber mop head, and hoover well before cleaning, as this will eliminate the likelihood of little hard bits of dirt getting in the mop and scratching the floor. Scratching can leave spidery marks on an otherwise blemish free surface, which is obviously unsightly, but the scratches can also leave the bare material exposed to damage from water and dirt, which will be an even bigger problem in the long term in your home in Battersea. Wringing out the mop well will ensure that you can avoid leaving too much standing water that can result in staining and warping, especially in wood. If you are concerned about the chemicals in your floor cleaner not being suitable for the material that you are cleaning, the likelihood is that washing up liquid will do the job. It is PH neutral, and ensures that none of the surface will be stripped or marked.

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