How To Clean Your Windows In Balham The Eco-Friendly Way 28Jul 2015

   More and more people in Balham are trying to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products in their day-to-day cleaning routines, and there are dozens of benefits to doing this! Not only is green cleaning better for the environment, but it’s also less harmful for your home and for you and your family. If you’re looking to introduce more eco-friendly routines into your home, then here are some tips to help you. Cleaning your windows in SW12 is really easy to do in an environmentally-friendly way, and here’s how you can do it without the hassle!

Windows Exterior

1) Gathering the right supplies.
For outdoor window cleaning you’re going to need a mixture of warm water with a free drops of washing up liquid added to it. This will replace your traditional chemical detergents. You’ll also need a dry cloth, as well as a window cleaning “brush.” These can be bought from most cleaning shops in Balham, SW11, and feature a flat and soft head, not unlike a flat mop. You’ll also need a squeegee to remove excess water from your window panes!

2) Dusting your windows and frames.
Dust away grime, dirt and other loose bits from your windows and window ledges. This will prevent them from sticking to your windows during the process!

3) Eco-friendly treatment.
Dampen your window cleaning tool with your washing up liquid and warm water. Starting in the upper left-hand corner, ensure the window is fully wet and coated with suds. Work your way down using “S” motion to make sure your windows are streak-free!

4) Dry your windows.
Windows that are left to dry naturally will appear streakier, so make sure to dry the glass panes and frames thoroughly. Use a squeegee to remove excess water and residue from the washing up liquid, and then use your dry cloth to clean the window frames.

Windows Interior

1) What you’ll need.
You can use the same supplies for outdoor cleaning as you would for indoors in SW12, though don’t use a window cleaning “brush” on interior windows, as they can be messy. Try gathering old rags or sheets to protect your floors during a window clean!

2) Dusting.
Just as you would with your outdoor windows, your indoor windows will need a quick and careful dust to prevent smears from appearing on the panes. Don’t forget to dust your blinds and curtain poles to ensure that no dust will fall after cleaning and ruin your hard work!

3) Green cleaning.
You can use either a sponge or clean cloth for cleaning the interiors of your windows. Soak your cleaning tool in a bucket of warm water and washing up liquid as you did with the exterior of your windows. Again, start at the top left of the pane and work downwards using “S” motions to prevent smearing and streaking.

4) Drying your windows.
Dry your windows thoroughly with a dry cloth. Use buffing motions to eradicate any leftover marks and to leave your windows in Balham looking as clean as possible without too much elbow grease!

5) Clean your windowsills.
Give your windowsills a good clean with the same mixture and a sponge. You can buff away any marks easily and quickly, pat down the frames with a wet cloth that contains no cleaning agent, and then dry with a dry cloth. This will ensure that your frames are fantastically clean with minimal effort, and without you having to worry about harming the environment with your cleaning routine!

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