How to Enliven your House Clean in Elephant and Castle 20Oct 2013

The fact of the matter is, cleaning in Elephant and Castle is not a particularly difficult process. You will not be doing anything that needs a huge amount of concentration whilst you are sweeping up the kitchen or dusting the living room, and this is why it can feel like such a chore. Humans enjoy having their brains stimulated, which is why mindless jobs are such a task, despite not requiring a huge amount of effort. The beauty of this mindlessness that cleaning involves is that you will not be concerned over how good a job you are doing due to being distracted by something else. It is hard to be so distracted that you don’t clean well, and especially if it is simply due to listening to something. You may have seen humorous parts in films where a mother figure is caught dancing around the house to a favorite song whilst doing the cleaning, perhaps even singing into a mop instead of a microphone! This does not have to be you, but it could well be a fun way to pass through the less interesting things that cleaning entails.

Listening to music will be a great way to pass the time whilst cleaning, as suddenly you will not be thinking about cleaning at all, but rather the music. If you are cleaning your home in Elephant and Castle, SE11 during a time that you would usually be relaxing, the combination of doing something enjoyable whilst also getting the less fun task of cleaning out of the way can be most rewarding, and you may even feel more relaxed after in the knowledge that you have gotten a good job done! Putting on a favorite record will really lift the spirits, and if you feel like you are having an easier or more fun time of the process, then it is very likely that the process will speed up and time will fly by!

Music is not the only thing that you may enjoy whilst cleaning, but as the process often involves your hands and eyes, it is recommended that you stick to things that involve listening, rather than watching. In reality, listening to a book on tape is just as god as reading if you have the right concentration, so look into those books that you wish you had read and down load the audio versions so that you can use your boring cleaning time to further your reading, which will be both enjoyable and highly educational. You may even find that you eagerly await the next time that you are cleaning so that you can listen to your book again, and this will make your house in the SE1 district look amazing, as well as keeping you well read!

Radio soaps are another good way of distracting yourself from the mundanities of the cleaning. Many people tune in at a certain time to listen to the soaps instead of reading or watching television. If you can combine this with cleaning, then you may well work out that you can get all of your daily chores done within the time that the soap is on, which makes for a perfect way to get rid of all of those boring jobs that you would have had to do another time otherwise.

Making the cleaning more fun is not the kind of thing that many people in Elephant and Castle concern themselves with, but it can really make a huge difference to your cleaning schedule, and will no doubt increase the amount that you clean in the first place!

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