How To Keep Your Whites Looking White In Shoreditch! 26Sep 2014

Everyone in Shoreditch wants to make sure that their white clothes retain that brand-new white look, no matter how old the garments might be. Keeping your clothe brilliantly white needn’t be a chore – just follow these simple tips to get your clothes looking as good as new, wash after wash!

1)    Removing stains.
To get fantastically white clothes start by removing any unwanted stains. Everything from food and wine to grass and sweat can sully the appearance of your whites in Shoreditch, EC1, so try these tips to remove unpleasant stains!

-    Soak the stained area in lemon juice for 30 minutes before washing the garment on a cold wash. The natural cleaning and brightening properties of the lemon juice should help to lift the stain with hardly any effort!

-    Try rubbing your washing powder into the stain and leaving to sit for some time. Once this is done simply wash the garment as usual to get rid of the affected area.

-    For tougher stains try substituting the lemon juice for white vinegar, which is also a powerful natural stain remover.

2)    Using whitening products.
For particularly bad or stubborn stains try buying chemical stain removal products from your local shops in the E1 area. Before choosing any chemical product ensure that it’s safe for use on the fabric that you need to clean, as some chemicals won’t be suitable for all fabrics. If you’re working to remove stains from wool, silk, suede or other delicate fabrics then it’s even more important to ensure that you’re using the right product, as you don’t want to cause irreparable damage to your clothing. If you’re unsure, check the care label on your garments, read the instructions on your stain removal product carefully and check online for customer reviews and feedback of the product.

3)    Using natural whitening methods.
As well as using lemon juice and white vinegar to lift stains you can also use the natural power of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to enhance the whiteness and brightness of your clothes. Leave your white and light-coloured clothes out to dry in the sun, as the U.V rays have a natural lightening and bleaching effect on light colours. If you’ve tried any of the stain removal methods described above then try letting your clothes dry in direct sunlight to help to fade and lighten the stain.

4)    Keeping your whites white.
If you really struggle to keep your whites white then make sure that you’re separating your colours properly before doing the washing in your home in Shoreditch, and try using a washing powder with brightening or whitening effects. Try keeping a stain removal product in your cleaning cupboard for those little emergencies, and always try to tackle stains and marks as soon as they appear on white or pale clothing. The longer you leave a stain the harder it will be to remove, so try to act quickly when disaster does strike!

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