Keep Your Kitchen in Haringey Clean With These Handy Tips 23Jun 2015

The kitchen is definitely one of the rooms that requires the most attention when it comes to house cleaning in Haringey. Oil stains, grease, food and drink spillages can be a nightmare to clean if left for any period of time. The dirt will gradually accumulate, harden and become crusty and when this happens, just wiping them it with your dish cloth will no longer be an option. Take heed of this advice and implement these tried and tested techniques and your kitchen will be sparkling clean, sanitized and in beautiful condition, ready for you to make use of again.

1.    Oven cleaning.
There’s no need to buy any fancy cleaning products to use for oven cleaning in N4. All the items you need should be readily available from your kitchen cabinet. Make up an equal part baking soda and water mix and apply to every interior surface of your oven. Slather the paste on and really rub it in before leaving it to settle for a few hours. Next, get yourself some white vinegar and spray onto the paste. Leave for about half an hour or so, then wipe away and your oven should be odourless and clean.

2.    Give your gas hobs and burners a clean.
Nowadays, most gas hobs can be removed, so if yours are dirty, give them a clean with some washing up liquid and water. If there are crusty bits of food on your burners, you may have to scrape these off. Wipe with some soapy water and try and soften the crust, then put in some elbow grease and scrub hard at the area using a coarse sponge or a kitchen brush with bristles. If you’re still having no success, you may have to use a spatula and try and scrape away the crusty food bits.

3.    Clean your fridge and freezer.
Before you begin, organise and sort out the contents of your fridge in Haringey, N8, going through packets of food, checking sell-by dates and throwing out any items that have expired. Again, the trusty combination of baking soda and water will do wonders for the state of your fridge. Make up a paste and wipe onto every interior surface of your fridge, including any shelves and racks. When applying the paste, scrub hard at any areas that are particularly filthy, making sure that you remove marks or stains. Leave this solution for a few hours, overnight if possible, and then wipe away and dry using a clean cloth.

4.    Baking soda is the king of kitchen cleaning.
If there are areas of your kitchen that are particularly smelly, such as certain food cabinets or your fridge or freezer in the N22 area, leave a box or jar of baking soda in the area. Open the lid and the baking soda will absorb any unpleasant odours, making the area smell lovely and fresh.

5.    Don’t neglect cleaning your kitchen cabinets and food storage areas.
People are often so worried about the state of their ovens, worktops and kitchen appliances that they forget to clean the areas where the food is spending the most time and is being stored in. Since your food is spending the majority of its time in your kitchen cabinets, it makes sense to give these areas a proper clean once in a while. You can do so by wiping down and scrubbing your cabinets, inside and outside, with a wet soapy cloth and then wiping them dry before putting your food back in.

6.    Call a cleaning company.
If your kitchen is in need of expert attention, it could be worth calling a cleaning agency in Haringey and hiring a team of professional cleaners.

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