Maintaining a Clean and Tidy Home in Catford around Children 29Nov 2013

Kids can be seen as a barrier to maintaining cleanliness and order in a home in Catford, but they don’t have to be. They are free spirits, and will inevitably go about their playtimes and mealtimes in a way that they see fit, often with devastating consequences on the perceived tidiness of the home. A home is for living in, and the children should be allowed to enjoy and express themselves without you as parents and home owners fretting about the state of the place. So read on for some handy tips on keeping a clean and tidy home around you kids:

1.    ‘Clean enough’ usually is clean
Don’t be too hard on yourself – working, raising children and maintaining a home clean is a tough ask. You don’t need to keep a show home in Catford, SE6, and we doubt that is what you really want anyway. If it looks clean then nine times out of ten it is. There aren’t going to be many occasions when you have the time (or energy) to scrub absolutely everything, so prioritise, take care of what really matters first, and don’t stress about it too much.

2.    Get into a morning routine
The ‘untidiness’ that causes the most stress can often be taken care of in a surprisingly short space of time if you can focus on it. A quick tidy before you leave the house in the morning can work wonders, and when you do have time to clean when you get home, it will be a lot easier if everything is already in its right place.

3.    The kitchen is an evening activity
Make sure you clean your kitchen before you go to bed – you don’t have to do it alone. Do the dishes, dry them and put everything away, as well as wiping down surfaces and all the other required tasks. Nothing gets alarm bells ringing and stress bells rising quicker than switching the kettle on in the morning and trying to work out when in your day you are going to have the time to do last night’s dishes.

4.    Make tidying a family activity
Get the kids involved, make it fun, and do it regularly. A ten-minute ‘tidying blitz’ will have your house in the SE6 looking considerably tidier than it did before, and will get the kids into the habit of putting their toys away (if they can!) and tidying their rooms, as well as getting some of the older kids into good habits!

5.    Buy bins and storage units
Kids come with a lot of clutter. They are growing, learning and need the tools and stimulants to express themselves. Unfortunately these items tend to spend a lot of time on floors and strewn around the house. A transportable plastic bin or box is a good way to allow you or your children to clear things up quickly and efficiently; you simply move from room to room with the box and put everything away, before storing it out of site in a cupboard or behind a sofa. This stops you having to pick up items one at a time and find individual homes for everything.

6.    Clean in bursts
It is very rare in a family home that you will get a chance to spend half a day cleaning your home in Catford, so get used to, and prepared for, cleaning when you have the opportunity. Make sure you have a cleaning basket that is well stocked and ready to go, and when the chance arises make the most of it.

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