Take the Smart Approach to Spring Cleaning 19 February 2015

House clean quickly, efficiently and effectively using our hints and tips.

1.    Visit the store.
Before you start, make sure that you have all the right products and equipment. Make a list of what you want to achieve and then buy the appropriate products. Polish, antibacterial sprays, bleach, dusters, sponges and microfiber cloths make up the essentials for any house cleaning job, but if there are any specific cleaning problems that you want to rectify, such as the removal of stains and marks from your upholstery or carpets, then get these too.

2.    Take care of your floors.
Mop your floors using some soapy water, then mop again with clean water to get rid of the soapy suds. This is a great way for removing dust and dirt which will stick to the water and be soaked up by the mop. Leave to dry, then get your vacuum cleaner out and vacuum all your hard flooring from top to bottom. A different technique is needed for carpet cleaning. Buy a powder based cleaning product and read the instructions to clean up your dirty carpets and rugs. You may find you may need a carpet shampoo or other wet based product, which is fine, but in which case you will need to allow it a bit of extra time to dry. The use of baking soda is a neat and effective trick that you could use to eradicate any odours arising from deep within your carpet fibres. Simply sprinkle some on your carpet, leave it for an hour or so then vacuum clean. If your carpet is in a real shabby state, it may be worth hiring some industrial type cleaners and equipment, such as a steam cleaner, which will give you fantastic results.

3.    Clear any dirt from your windows.
Wipe down your window using some dish soap or washing up liquid. Buff up with some scrunched up newspaper then rinse off with clean water. If you can and if it’s safe to do so, clean your windows both inside and outside for the best results.

4.    Don’t forget to dust those smaller items.
Small precious items often get neglected when it comes to dusting, mainly because many people are scared of damaging them. Use a small paint brush (clean of course!), and dust gently with some water. The same technique can be used for ceiling fittings like lampshades and light bulbs, using a damp microfiber cloth or an adjustable feather duster.

5.    Eradicate food bacteria and microbes from your kitchen.
Sanitize sinks by scrubbing with a coarse sponge and washing up liquid. Use a baking soda-water paste and rub around your sink. Leave for about half an hour then rinse off. Antibacterial sprays are perfect for cleaning counter tops and hobs and will truly sanitize your kitchen.

6.    Get your hands on some strong bleach.
Bleach is pretty much the universal bathroom cleaner and can be used to clean scum off surfaces, taps, shower heads and walls. Pour some in your toilet and scrub with a toilet scrubbing brush.

7.    Sure up the appearance of your furniture and get your upholstery cleaned.
Use the fine attachments on your vacuum cleaner to clean your upholstery. Any rips or tears can be taken care of using some heat activated tape and stubborn dirt stains can be wiped away using a microfiber cloth and some detergent.

8.    Cleaning agencies.
Professional cleaners are always on hand if you feel you need some help. So call a cleaning company if you require some extra assistance.

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