The Do's and Don'ts of Upholstery Cleaning in Bow 16Dec 2014

Many people in Bow shy away from upholstery cleaning, concerned about damaging fabrics and ruining their treasured heirlooms. However, there are only a few quick do’s and don’ts which you need to know before you get stuck in.


•    Pick The Right Products – Using the right sort of cleaning product on your upholstery can make all the difference. Wherever possible try to find out exactly what material the chairs or sofas in your home in Bow, E3 are made of and find a product that is designed specifically for this. A generic fabric cleaner won’t be suitable for delicate fabrics and likewise a suede or silk cleaner won’t be effective on your everyday fabrics.

•    Vacuum – Before you shampoo or clean your upholstery, you should always try to get rid of any surface dust first. A quick vacuum is great for this and can help to make your chairs or sofas look instantly refreshed. If your upholstery is too delicate for this then you can use a soft brush to get rid of any loose dust or dirt instead.

•    Do A Test Patch First – When some people clean furnishings in their home they go all out and do it in one go. However, if you’re using a house cleaning product it is always important to do a test patch first. This will help you to see whether the product is too gentle or too harsh and whether it will have the desired effect on your home furnishings. If possible, remember that it is always best to do your test patch on a hidden part of your upholstery - on the underneath of your dining room chairs or at the back of your sofa.

•    Treat Spills Immediately – If you’re dealing with an upholstery emergency then it is important that you act quickly. Household spills should be soaked up immediately to avoid any long-term stains. Dabbing gently with a cloth is the best way to soak up any excess before using a good stain removal product when required.


•    Use Any Old Product – If you’ve spilled something on your upholstered furniture then in your panic you may use any old product to try and clean it off. However, using the wrong product can cause irreparable damage to your upholstery. So even if you’re worried about long-term staining don’t use any old product to clean your upholstery. It’s better to use the right product a bit later than the wrong product straight away!

•    Scrubbing – Many people make the error of putting too much power into their upholstery or sofa cleaning. However, scrubbing can ruin your upholstery, doing much more damage than good. That is why it is important to remember that less is more when it comes to your delicate fabrics, dab carefully and let the products do most of the work for you!

•    Soaking – Exposing your fabrics to water can damage them right to the core. So if you’ve spilled something on your sofa or chairs, don’t keep putting more and more water on it, do everything in moderation instead.

•    Use Too Much Product – Another common mistake that people make when it comes to their fabric cleaning is using too much product. Sometimes people think that if one dollop of foam is meant to do the trick then using two will do even more! However, using too many home cleaning products can saturate your fabrics and do much more damage than good. So follow the instructions and don’t go overboard and you’re more likely to get your upholstery clean!

If you’ve tried and failed with your upholstery cleaning then remember that professional cleaners in Bow may still be able to help. With industrial products and years of experience, specialist cleaning agencies can often work miracles on any of your household emergencies!

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