Top 3 Products You Did Not Know that Will Help with House Cleaning in Islington 24Oct 2014

For the vast majority of people in Islington, house cleaning is not the most pleasant thing to do. But when you don’t have anyone else to leave this task to and when you care about your wellbeing and health, you also know that this is something you have to do.

What you may not know is that you probably have at least 3 cleaning products in your house in Islington, N1 you did not know of. Aside from your detergents and aside from all the chemical cleaners, there are also many cleaning products that are genuinely natural – and most of them can be found in almost every household out there.

Which are the top 3 cleaning products you most likely did not know of? Here they are:

1.    Coconut Oil
For a long time, coconut oil has been debated by the health industry. Some specialists say that coconut oil contains too many saturated fats that will clog your arteries and that will influence the wellbeing of your circulatory system. Other specialists will say that coconut oil is actually healthy because the saturated fats it contains are healthier than any other types of saturated fats found in foods.

And in between them, coconut oil remains popular – not just for cooking, but for its “non-edible” uses as well. Aside from the fact that it is an obviously great skin, lip and hair moisturiser, coconut oil can help with cleaning as well. Since it is considered to have antibacterial properties, it can be efficient against various types of dirt. It can help you clean leather items, it can help you clean metallic items and it can also help you get rid of that nasty shower scum. Even more than that, it can help you remove chewing gum off your carpets and upholstery too!

2.    Baking Soda
It is quite likely that you may have heard about this before, but baking soda is contained in a huge number of cleaning products. One of the places where it will be most efficient at will be your oven. Mix baking soda and water in a spray bottle and use this to spray the entire surface of the oven. Leave for 30 minutes and remove with the help of a sponge or with the help of a cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Baking soda can also be great for cleaning dishwashers and coffee makers. To do this, you will have to run an empty cycle by using baking soda. Also, soda can help you polish your silverware as well (but do make sure to combine it with a bit of water too). Unclogging the kitchen drain can also be done with the help of hot vinegar and baking soda too and there are literally tens of other house cleaning uses baking soda can have!

3.    White Vinegar
It is nearly impossible not to have heard about the amazing power white vinegar can have against dirt. But what you did not know is that there are more than one hundred uses related to cleaning the house that this “magic” potion has! For instance, white vinegar can help you with floors, tiles, it will help you remove the stickers, the ballpoint traces in your home in Islington and it can also help you restore the shine and brightness of your carpets.

There are few cleaning-related uses vinegar is not good for and they mostly involve items that may be damaged by the acidity in the vinegar: marble, stones, hardwood floors and so on. Also, blood stains and ice cream stains will not usually be removed with the help of white vinegar.

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