Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has been designed to make you feel safe, secure and to put you at ease when using and visiting

Our company works by adhering to the guidelines and laws of the Data Protection Act 1998, so you can be sure that your personal information will be protected.

Control of personal information

The information we collect when you use will be controlled and protected by Gutter Cleaning.

What we do with your information

When you book one of our services or register on our site, you will be required to submit some personal information, such as an address or phone number. At this point, our company will collect and store your personal details in order to process your order successfully.

With the personal information that you have provided, security checks may be carried out. We do this to prevent fraudulent transactions.
Our company may store information regarding your recent purchases and may use this to contact you in the future about any products or services that we have on offer or to improve our service provision and offers. We may also pass on your information to third parties who in turn may contact you about their services.

Will we share your personal information?

Your information may be passed on to third parties. They may contact you based on your marketing preferences or they may carry out services on our behalf, such as providing customer service, sending packages, removing repetitive information from customer lists, providing marketing assistance, analysing data and processing credit card payments. These third parties may use your info solely for performing their functions.

Your information may be sent to other companies that will check it in order to safeguard against fraudulent activity.
The information that you provide when you register on will not be shared or sold to other companies without your consent.

Cookie Policy

What types of cookies do we use?

1. Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website and cannot be turned off in our systems. They allow you to navigate our site and use its features, such as accessing secure areas and saving items to your cart.

2. Performance cookies

These cookies help us improve the performance and functionality of our website by collecting information about how visitors use our site. They do not collect any personal data and are used to analyze and improve our website's performance.

3. Functional cookies

These cookies allow our website to remember choices you make, such as your preferred language or region. They may also be used to provide you with personalized features and to remember changes you make to the site, such as font size or color preferences.

4. Targeting/Advertising cookies

These cookies track your browsing behavior and interests in order to display targeted advertisements that are relevant to you. They also help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Managing cookies

You have the right to manage your cookies preferences and can do so by adjusting your browser settings. You can choose to accept or decline cookies, or to receive a notification each time a cookie is sent to your device.

Browser cookies are small packets of data that will be sent from to your device when you’re browsing or making a purchase. This data will help our system recognise the type of your browser and track your activity to improve our service provision.
You need to turn cookies on to make purchases on our website and it is recommendable you left cookies turned on.

How we link with other sites and companies

We may advertise other sites and companies on our company website. We will provide links to these sites, all of which are thoroughly checked in order to ensure their reputability.

We will try to provide you with links that will be of interest to you; however, we must stress that we are not responsible for the content on such sites.

How do we protect customer information?

When you access your account information or place an order, we use a secure server. The SSL software on the server encrypts the information you submit before it is sent to us.

Your right to choose the information you provide

You are not obliged to provide with any of the information requested but you need to have cookies turned on if you want to place an order with us.

You are free to change your preferences at any given time by getting in touch with us.
How to register complaints with Gutter Cleaning?

Our team will endeavour to handle all complaints in a timely and fair manner. You will be kept informed with the progress of the complaint resolution via telephone or email and we will try to resolve the issue completely within 64 hours. If you still have issues with the way we resolved your complaint, please give us a call.

Changes to our privacy policy and terms of agreement

You will be notified regarding any alterations or amendments to our privacy policy, any of which will be posted on this page.
Let us know your thoughts and opinions

Feel free to contact us regarding any queries you may have or voice your opinions about our privacy policy by calling us on 020 3397 8284.

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