Terms and conditions

This page details the terms and conditions that all parties involved have to abide by. These conditions may be subject to change and any changes will be stipulated on this page. However we do not have to provide advanced notification of any changes.

1.    Introduction

Ensure that you read through and fully understand the terms and conditions on this page before you agree to the terms and sign the contract.

2.    The booking process

2.1    When you make a booking with our company, ensure that you give our team the correct details regarding your property and the cleaning that needs to be carried out. If you give us improper details and information, we at Gutter Cleaning have the right to amend any previous evaluations and may increase the price originally quoted for the job in order to cover extra labour costs.
2.2    If you order or hire a cleaning service and provide us with false details, your order may be cancelled or additional fees may be charged.
2.3    It is your responsibility to ensure that our cleaners are able to gain access to your property. If you will not be present at the time the cleaning is due to take place, you should make the arrangements to ensure that we have access and detail them to us at the time of booking. If the details you provide prove to be incorrect, your order may be cancelled and you will be charged with a £50 minimum payment service fee.
2.4    You must book by debit or credit card. An additional 2% charge is added for credit card payments.
2.5    Once you have made a booking and upon successful transaction of payment, you will be given a time slot during which our cleaners will come to your property and deliver their cleaning services. We will try and stick to the time slot and be as prompt as possible, but traffic, road works and other such factors we have no control over have to be taken into consideration.
2.6    It is your task to ensure that our team are able to park by your property. If you do not make such arrangements, any fines incurred will be charged to the customer.

3.    Payment and Pricing

3.1    You are able to hire our cleaning services by paying over the phone. We accept payment by cash, credit or debit card, however payment by cheque is not permitted.
3.2    Quotes are based on the minimum charge of the service that you have hired.
(a) Carpet cleaning minimum of 48 GBP including VAT
(b) One Off Cleaning minimum of 128 GBP including VAT
3.3    Depending on the location and access to your property, you may have to pay further costs. Additional charges may be due to: congestion charge, areas outside of the M25 and us receiving improper details about your cleaning job.

4.    Change in arrangements or appointment cancelations

4.1    Cancelation of appointments with less than a 24 hour advance notification will be charged £50.
4.2    If you wish to change the details of your appointment or reschedule any prearranged agreements providing us with less than 24 hours notice, Gutter Cleaning may charge you a fee of £25.

5.    Our cleaning services

5.1    There must be warm water and an ample amount of lighting in your property. If we at Gutter Cleaning feel that the wellbeing or health of our workers may be compromised, we may cancel your appointment.
5.2    We may sub-contract out any number of your hired services.
5.3    There must be someone present to sign off on the work and confirm your satisfaction with the service provision; otherwise it will be assumed that you’re satisfied with the service.

6.    Accountability

6.1    Gutter Cleaning will not be held accountable:
a. if dirt cannot be removed fully or prior damage cannot be rectified;
b. if after cleaning, existing fabric discoloration or wear becomes more visible;
c. for any damage caused to wooden flooring, where felt pads or other protection on furniture legs has not been arranged;
d. if a third party interrupts the completion of services;
e. if steam cleaning causes shrinkage of curtains.

Gutter Cleaning aims to deal with any problems with the service provision. Do note that any complaints filed after the 7th working day of the service provision date will NOT be addressed.

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